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Magazine Binding

back trackWe bind all types of magazines, but over the years have specialised in transport magazines. Some of the more popular transport magazines and journals we bind are British Railways Illustrated and Railway Bylines, Steam World, Steam Railway, Railway Observer, Railway Magazine, London Railway Record and SLS Journal. Some other popular titles of the non-transport variety are Model Engineer, Engineering in Miniature and British Birds  to name but a few. However we can bind any magazine you care to bring us.


In order to turn your loose magazines into a hardbound volume:

  • The staples are removed and covers taken off (if requested)
  • If the magazines are glued and not stapled the pages have to be separated by being pulled apart and the excess glue then removed
  • The magazines are then sewn together with strengthened endpapers. The previously stapled magazines are normally sewn on a Martini Sewing Machine but the previously perfect bound loose sheets need to be glued and then overcast into sections before being hand-sewn on a frame.  (You can see this being done on our logo!)
  • The sewn volume is then glued and trimmed to size.
  • In order to give the finished volume a “book” shape it is rounded and backed by hand and then the spine is glued once more and strengthened with linings.
  • The outside case is then made in the colour of your choice and the gold tooling is applied.
  • The final stage of the process is the "casing in" where the outside case and the book are assembled and then put in the press overnight.
  • For existing customers the lettering is positioned to match their previously bound volumes. For new customers wishing to match existing volumes not bound by us, we will endeavour to match the colour of the case and the position of the lettering, providing a sample is supplied.

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